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L.E. Gibler has been riding and writing since she was five. Born in Germany, she currently resides in Washington State where she endeavors to make both passions a reality.  

Okay, so that's the official, rather plain introduction that I put with all my books.  I admit, I hate talking about myself.  I even get a little bit edgy when talking about my books.  Get me started on horses, though, and you'll wish I would shut up.  Still, in the ever changing world in which we live in, I'm working hard to bring BOTH passions to fruition.  Six horses puts a definite check mark by one, and this website is, hopefully, the beginning of a check mark by the next.


Please feel free to drop a line.  If you're a fellow "struggling artist", you know that misery loves company.  And while I will never say I am miserable writing, it consumes me, I am miserable thinking about the massive sea of small time published works.  To keep myself from dwelling on just how to make a name for myself, I keep on writing.  I hope everyone else who is so inclined can say the same.


Keep on keeping on!

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